Access card for transit transport

Fraxion's Access card and electronic wallet

Example of an Access card exploited by TAC.

The Access card is made for companies using Fraxion for their system in the car. A verified user who owns his Access card can pay his passage without touching any money. The system itself is an electronic wallet which manages the transport choices and was developed for transit transport, taxibuses or any other method of people transportation.

How does it work?

The Access card allow users to use transit transport or taxibuses in their region, and to pay with the electronic wallet attached to their account.

QR code inscribed with UV lighting for scratches resistance.

The user must first add transport titles on his card and then we he embarks, he scan his card on the reader and the amount will be deducted of his electronic wallet.

The cards are made in a PVC plastic material and just about the side of a credit card, with the color and logo changing with the transport company's. The QR code is inscribed using UV for more resistance to scratches.

Example with the RFID chip

This video present the functionality of the Access card in the Intermunicipal management transportation of Gaspésie / Îles-de-la-Madeleine, an usage of the card with the RFID chip.

Step #1 : Creating an user account

Example of the registration form

When the user finally obtain his Access card at the image of the company, he needs to reach the right web site to register himself and add transport title in his electronic wallet.

The user then needs to import a picture of himself so that the driver can identify the customer during the pickup. When the registration completed, he will receive a confirmation by email to validate his profile and his electronic wallet.

The registration form, electronic wallet management, and the deduction of passages is supported by the Fraxion's team.

Step #2 : Validate the passage

With the QR code at the back of the Access card from Fraxion, the passage title is deducted from the electronic wallet of the user. The user's picture will show up on the driver's tablet to validate the indentity of the user.