Touchscreen tablet in a vehicle - SIV de Fraxion

SIV in a trucks

Managing a fleet of trucks with a computerized system is beneficial for your company, your drivers and your customers. The SIV allows you to locate each vehicle of your fleet at all times, making it easy to distribute routes and dispatch your trucks over the entire territory to be served.

With native components built into the tablets and Android™, the SIV coexists with the GPS and cellular data transmission modules, Google Maps™, and more. The combination of these utilities help you operate practical applications to meet your needs, and if you have specific requirements, our team can do Development of special modules for the SIV that adapts to your business.

Service trucks

The SIV modules integrate perfectly with the activities of a transport company such as trucking, delivery of goods or any other form of transport.

You will have full control of your truck fleet and make each trip more efficient.

Once the SIV is deployed in your truck fleet, you will be able to :

  • control the positioning of your trucks at all times ;
  • distribute routes directly to the tablets ;
  • make real-time changes to one or more routes ;
  • maximize mileage with predefined routes ;
  • do real time management of route calculation taking into account unforeseen events such as traffic jams, etc ;
  • to records GPS track and driving statistics for each vehicle.

The SIV is constantly being developed to meet the specific requirements of your company or the legal aspects of your business. Our IT team evolves the computerized vehicle system to include your needs.