Fraxion SIV system GPS for taxi tablet and dispatch

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Access card by QR code

The Access card is an electronic wallet for transit transport. During a run, the customer present the QR code then the bill will be taken of his balance.
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Virtual Taximeter (TM)

A virtual taximeter is now included in the Fraxion's SIV application. With this new tool, kilometer rates are adjustable depending on the given time.
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Circle Check (VAD)

The verification papers directly on your tablet. Before starting your work day, the driver can use his tablet else than the usual paper form.
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Fraxion's Push-To-Talk (PTT)

The PTT communication tool of Fraxion is now available on your tablet. This functionality makes the communication with the dispatch lot faster.
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Pay your bill online

You can use our electronic payment platform to pay a bill online using a credit card.
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What the SIV does for you

The computerized system of vehicle enables a company to manage its vehicle fleet efficiently. Whether for cars, trucks or buses, SIV allows to see the GPS positioning of vehicles, produce routes and itineraries and maximize time and mileage.


Through the SIV, the central dispatch is constantly in touch with each vehicle of the fleet. This not only allows a distribution depending on the position, but also to increase the efficiency of the entire fleet, and this, in an automated manner.


A company that uses the SIV greatly increases the efficiency of its fleet, simplifies communaications between its central, its drivers and its customers.

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